Giantz Garden Water Pump High Pressure 2000W Multi Stage Tank Rain Irrigation Black

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    When low water pressure gets you down, power it up with our Giantz 5-stage Water Pump. It is the perfect solution where constant on-demand water pressure is needed at the open and close of any tap. You will find our water pump particularly useful for homes, household gardens, farms, commercial entities or any situation where pressurised water is consistently required. The water pump features an IP-rated commercial motor, full stainless steel pump body, cast iron ends, 1.25‘’ inlet and 1‘’ outlet ports, corrosion-resistant brass connectors, efficient cooling system and not least, built-in thermal protection. Pumping out at a rate of 150L/min with a 60m head, the 2000W water pump can send water up to two stories high effortlessly. You can also accurately control the pressure to your precise requirements with the fully automatic controller and monitor it at a glance of the pressure gauge. Power to the pump is as simple as plugging it straight into any Australian standard socket. Whether you are using the pump as a permanent installation or on an ad hoc basis, you can be assured of dependable and reliable water supply in more ways than one.

    Powerful 2000W self-priming multi-stage pump
    Garden irrigation, farm irrigation and home water supply
    100% duty cycle - designed for continuous operation
    Rust-resistant stainless steel pump body with cast iron ends
    Fully automatic operation on/off controller
    Huge 60m head
    Anti-corrosive alloy motor housing, ceramic and carbon seals
    Built-in thermal protection
    Efficient cooling system
    Highly conductive copper motor
    Corrosion-resistant brass connector
    Leak proof rubber ring
    Easy connecting plug and cable
    Fully automatic pressure controller
    Adjustable start-up pressure
    Australian standard cable and plug

    Max power: 2000W, 2.8hp
    Plug and cord: SAA 250V/10A *0.3m
    Max pump flow: 9,000L/h (150L/min)
    Max head: 60m
    Duty cycle: Continuous
    Impeller: Stainless steel
    Pump body: Stainless steel
    Motor shaft: Stainless steel
    Inlet diameter: 1.25'' (30mm)
    Outlet diameter: 1'' (25mm)
    Brass connector: 1''
    Protection class: IP44
    Insulation class: B (130??C)
    Max ambient temperature: 40??C
    Max liquid temperature: 60??C
    Voltage: 220/240V
    Frequency: 50/60Hz
    Maximum current: 10A
    Maximum water temperature: 60??C
    Starting pressure: 1.5-3bar
    Maximum pressure for use: 10bar
    Protection grade: IP65
    Inlet and outlet size: 1'' (25mm)
    Dimensions: 22cm x 15cm x 15cm
    Weight: 1.5kg

    Package Contents:
    Giantz 5-stage Water Pumpx 1
    Pump Controllerx 1
    User manualx1

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