Multipurpose Bandage for Knee/Arm/Neck Support

Multipurpose Bandage for Knee/Arm/Neck Support

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Multipurpose Bandage for Knee/Arm/Neck Support

Knee Wraps Bandage Straps Weight Lifting Pads Support Guard Knee wraps features:

1 Winding design, easy to wear, more docile comfort  
2 Professional level, 198 cm extended knee braces wrapped bandages can highlight the entire knee, protective performance  3 Made of high quality stretch material, with fine weaving techniques and workmanship, soft and comfortable, durable 
4 Can be adjusted according to the tightness required for full three-dimensional knee joint is pressurized training given full protection, to avoid knee injuries
5 Versatility, elected in the bench press, but also can be used as elbow pads, giving a strong arm protection, large weight load
6 Professional fitness can be used during heavy training

Knee wrap function:   

Can effectively ease the muscle's wallop
Reduces the degree of the accumulated fatigue 
Improves blood circulation and relieve pain 
Reduces injuries effectively
Gives gentle protective support for all physical activities
Provides warm, comfort, superior flexibility & durability for daily wear
Effective for swollen pats through its compression

Recommended as preventive use function:

1.To protect the ankle from possible injury when exercise
2. To avoid secondary injury, effectively relieve pain and accelerate rehabilitation
3. Absorb sweat and keep the skin dry and comfortable
4. Protect and support the ankle  
5. Help to fix and protect the ankle
6. With the function of massage
7. Cling to the skin and provide pressure
8. Relieve fatigue
9. suitable for badminton, ping-pang, tennis,football, basketball, baseball,biliard ball, golf,Squash, bowling, cycling, skating, yoga, dance, volley ball martial art and so on.


What's included?

1 x Multipurpose Bandage for Knee/Arm/Neck Support

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