i.Pet Rabbit Cage Hutch 162x60cm Enclosure Metal

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    A cosy home and private exercise space for your pet rabbit, guinea pig, chinchilla or other small pets? It’s all here with our Rabbit Hutch that gives your pets the perfect home in more ways than one.

    First up, the pitch-roof enclosed shelter has a 20cm diameter slot opening for easy entry and excess and ample space for your pet to rest and snooze. A slide-out mesh tray at the back makes for convenient cleaning without dismantling the whole assembly apart. On top of that, the roof can also be lifted up for more access.

    Attached securely to this shelter is a long, weather-roof metal cage that lets your precious ones stretched their legs, have a nibble at the grass or enjoying some fine fresh air and sunshine. The metal cage has lockable openings at the top and front to get your pets in and out in a jiffy or to feed them. Not least, the chew-proof metal frame ensures no easy escape for your pets or unwelcomed break-ins by predators.

    All in, our Rabbit Hutch is simply a joy for your favourite pets to live in and relax in safe and secured environment.

    Hutch and run in one- enclosed sleeping area and secure run for fresh air
    Comfy for little pets-rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas
    Weather proof frame-durable and chew proof metal frame
    Easy-to-access front door- allows your pets in and out between hutch and run easily
    Two wide secure entrance
    Secure locks on both entrance
    Slide-out mesh - Easy to clean any hays and litters
    Easy to set - up

    Bar space: 2.1cm
    Capacity: 6 Rabbits
    Colour: Black
    Overall dimensions: 162(L) X 60(W) X 71(H) cm
    Further dimensions: Please refer to the photo gallery

    Package Contents:
    1 x Rabbit Cage 

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