Faux Natural Fern Tree 90cm

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    Whether you’re looking to create a tropical theme or a natural green oasis, this Faux Natural Fern Tree will add characteristics to your space.
    The bright fern fronds showering down is a beautiful structure without the maintenance.

    Faux Natural Fern Tree is one of the most preferred decorative artificial plants.
    Whether you have to fill a space, achieve a laid back feel or a focal point in your area, this plant is a perfect accessory.

    If you’re creating an indoor or outdoor landscape these plants can also add style while maintaining a wonderful look in your setting.
    No falling leaves, no need for sunlight, watering and any maintenance.
    You can’t go wrong with getting a Faux Natural Fern Tree.

    The details of the artificial fern

    • Weight: 2.5kg approx
    • Width: approx 40-50cm depending on branch placement
    • Pot size: 13cm high x 15cm wide

    Package Content

    1 x Faux Natural Fern Tree 90cm

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