Greenfingers 6"Ventilation Kit Fan Grow Tent Kit Carbon Filter Duct Speed Controlled,Greenfingers 6"Ventilation Kit Fan Grow Tent Carbon Filter Duct Speed Controlled

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    Here is all you need to get your hydroponic greens growing healthily with the best of conditions. With the Green Fingers 4" Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit.

    Comprising a 4" Ventilation Fan, 4" Active Carbon Filter and 5m Aluminium Ducting, the Ventilation Kit is designed to provide pure and clean air for your plants at all times. The Fan features high impact polycarbonate blades that deliver ample airflow in the grow tent, through the carbon filters and to cool the light reflector. It also works silently and efficiently. The Carbon Filter is manufactured with a fine mesh for the outer and internal layer and packed with activated charcoal in between. The Filter absorbs all nasty odours and pollens that float through the air or emitted from your plants. Not least, the 5m heavy-duty dual layer Aluminium Ducting is fire-resistant and allows for easy connection without any special tools.

    Grow tents provide the ideal enclosure for indoor hydroponics cultivation. Do it better with Green Fingers 4" Hydroponic Grow Tent Ventilation Kit.

    6" Ventilation Fan
    CE certificate
    2 Speed motor
    High impact polycarbonate blade
    Come with AU standard plug
    Powerful and efficient performance
    Lightweight and practical.
    Noiseless and power saving

    6" Active Carbon Filter
    Recommend filter flow: 290~500m3/h
    50mm RC-48 Australian virgin carbon bed
    Vibra machine packed carbon
    Customized open air stainless steel mesh
    Anti-Air-Bypass technology

    5m Aluminum Ducting
    Standard 5 meters length, compressed to 0.4-0.6 meter
    Individually boxed
    Easy to connect to either round or oval ducting
    No special tools required for cutting or fixing
    Heavy-duty and flexible dual layer aluminum foil

    6" Ventilation Fan
    Current: 0.21A-0.24A
    Power: 48W-54W
    2 Speed: 1850RPM-2500RPM
    Air flow: 410m-530m3/H
    Noise: 29-33dB (A)
    6" Active Carbon Filter
    Material: Stainless Steel
    Weight: 5.5kg
    Length: 5m
    Material: Dual layer alunimum foil

    Package Content
    1 x 6" Ventilation Fan
    1 x 6" Carbon Filter
    1 x 5m Ducting
    2 x 2m Rope Ratchet
    4 x Fasteners

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