Festiss 1.8m Head Off Ghost Halloween Inflatable with LED FS-INF-18

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    Festiss 1.8m Head Off Ghost Halloween Inflatable with LED

    Make your Halloween spooktacular in the blink of an eye! So quick and easy, our inflatables will not dampen your mood one bit! With built-in lights, protected inside the hardy polyester fabric, simply connect its plug and watch it expand upright, completing and amplifying the festive ambience of your home! Be it indoors or outdoors, our inflatables are known to bring a smile or a fright to every onlooker that passes by.


    • Spooky Nightscape: Bring out the spooks. Our built-in LED lights will magically transform your perfect little garden into a child's nightmare when nighttime comes.
    • Weather Hardy: Made from polyester fabric which is strong and weather-resistant, our inflatables will hold their shape well for many years to come.
    • Steady Feet: Nothing could be more dangerous than a flyaway inflatable. Ours is designed with a sandbag built in to keep it anchored to the ground.
    • Effortless Set Up: Prop it up in the blink of an eye. Powered by a mighty built-in air blower, our inflatables are easy to set up and stand upright in a flash.
    • Certified For Safety: Our adapters have passed the necessary testing for SAA Certification to protect you and your loved ones at all times.


    • Adapter Rating: 12V-1A
    • Blower Rating: DC12V-0.8A
    • LED Lights: 3
    • Pegs: 5
    • Rope: 2x1.5m
    • Water Bag: 2
    • Power Cable: 22# 2m

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