Davis & Waddell "Asia One" Excalibur 30cm Nonstick Stir fry Wok

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Davis & Waddell "Asia One" Excalibur 30cm Nonstick Stir fry Wok

"Asia One" Excalibur 30cm Nonstick Stirfry Wok Unlock the flavours of Fusion cooking with the Davis & Waddell 'Asia One' range of Stir-Fry Woks and accessories. Made to high specification the wok selection consists of both Carbon Steel and Excalibur coated non stick finishes. Both ranges feature stylish maple hourglass sculpted handles for additional comfort. The signature logo of the Asia One 'noodle bowl' carries throughout the packaging concept which has been designed by one of Australia's leading young design studios. Suitable for all types of range hoods including induction we are sure you will be equally impressed by the quality and overall feel of this range.

Features & Specifications:

30 cm nonstick stir-fry wok

Heavy weight for durability

Comfortable wooden handle for easy handling

Excalibur nonstick for healthy cooking

Flat base for use on all range types incuding induction

What's included?

1 x Davis & Waddell "Asia One" Excalibur 30cm Nonstick Stir-fry Wok

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