Comfee Water Cooler Dispenser Chiller Cold 15L Purifier Bottle Filter Black

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    Have access to cleaner and purer water at all times with the Comfee Water Dispenser. Designed to work with tapped water or water purifying bottles, the dispenser features an energy-efficient system that enables selective cooling and boiling so that no power is wasted and more energy savings is achieved. Inside, the dispenser features a larger food-grade stainless steel tank and a high-efficiency cooling compressor for optimum performance at all times. On top, it comes with a detachable bottle supporter for hassle-free use with water purifying bottles, The dispenser has LED indicators for clearer operations and a single faucet design for both hot and cold water options. A removable drip tray also allows for easy cleaning. For added safety, the dispenser has an automatic switch-off, overheating protection and a child lock to prevent children from tampering with the hot water option. Not least, the dispenser has a large storage cabinet to store any accessories or drinking essentials.

    One-faucet design
    Overheating safety device
    Stainless steel hot water tank
    20L spacious cabinet
    Automatic switch-off
    Hot water option child safety lock
    Easy to fill
    Temperature control
    Top loading
    LED indicators
    Three water temperatures
    High-efficiency compressor
    Bigger cold tank
    Removable water collector

    Brand: Comfee

    Water dispenser
    Hot/cold water tank material: SUS304
    Hot/cold water pipeline: Silicone tube
    Control type: Push button
    Water spout: 1
    Voltage: 220~240V
    Frequency: 50~60Hz
    Heating wattage: 420W
    Cooling wattage: 100W
    Cooling method: Compressor
    Heating method: Internal element
    Refrigerant type: R134a
    Noise: ≤55dB
    Operating humidity: ≤90%
    Hot water temperature: ≥85℃
    Heating capacity: 4L/H
    Hot water: ≥1.2L/Min
    Chilled water temperature : ≤10℃
    Cooling capacity: 2L/H
    Chilled water: ≥2.5L/Min
    Room temperature water: ≥1L/Min
    Hot tank: φ100mm x 130mm(1.02L)
    Cold tank: φ160mm x 155mm(3.1L)
    Colour: Black

    Water Purifying Bottle
    Purifier volume: 15L
    Upper tank capacity: 7L
    Lower tank capacity: 8L
    Upper tank material: PP
    Lower tank material: AS
    Feed water temperature: 10-38℃
    Pressure: 0~0.002Mpa
    Purification water flow rate:0.15~0.3L/min
    Overall dimensions:
    Water dispenser dimension: 34cm x 31cm x 97cm
    Water purifying bottle dimension: 29.5cm x 15cm x 50.5cm
    Assembly required: Yes
    Number of packages: 2

    Package Content:
    1 x Comfee Water Dispenser
    1 x Comfee 15L Water Purifying Bottle
    2 x User Manual

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